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Breeder Tip: Maintaining humidity

We’ve had tremendous success keeping our humidity high (in the 80% range)…in light of the standard advice to keep humidity around 60%. To boost our humidity we discovered coconut husk chips…and went through the lengthy process of finding the HIGHEST quality coconut in the world. These chips retain moisture while keeping the top layer of substrate dry…creating the perfect humidity levels for your ball pythons. Since switching to coco husk a year ago, we’ve noticed increased feeding response, and a dramatic increase in fertility (98% fertile eggs in 2015 versus 86% in 2013).

Update: after months of negotiation and testing many different varieties and types of coconut, we’re finally able to make Reptichip Premium Coconut Substrate available! Each block (12″ x 12″ x 6”) is compressed, chipped coconut that expands to 2.2 cubic feet when you soak it in water. This is enough for 7 CB70 tubs! We’ve had tremendous success using this substrate, and are now able to make it available anywhere in the US!

Check out or our the Reptichip Facebook Page for more information!


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  1. cristian ledesma says:

    Hi I Wanted To Know Where I Could Buy This Substrate

  2. Crystal Hickman says:

    Do you have any bricks left? If so, What payments do you accept?

    • OTBP says:

      Hi Crystal, we sure do. We accept PayPal (our address is: and all major credit cards. Or if you like, you can give us a call or drop us a text with your email address and the quantity that you desire, and we can send you a funds request. Thanks!


  3. Rob Johnson says:

    Hey Jt this is Rib J I think I met you back at a show you were at in Gardenridge. I’d like to get two bags shipped if you send a deal to me on PayPal I’d appreciate it.

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