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Clutch ID: 1612 Ivory Orange Dream Butter Pastel x Dinker

SIRES: Ivory OD Butter Pas YB   DAM: Dinker
CLUTCH SIZE: 6 eggs  
LAID: 19 May   HATCHED: 19 July

Goal: This Dinker is different…if I had to guess, I’d say she was in the BEL complex, but no luck with last years breeding to a Pastave.  We’re going to double up here and see if we can’t hit on something in the Yellowbelly or BEL complexes.

Results: Something different! Now to figure out what it is:

0.1 OD Pastel YB Dinker
0.1 Butter Pastel YB Dinker
1.0 Yellowbelly Dinker
0.1 Pastel Yellowbelly
1.1 Yellowbellies

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