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Posted December 10th, 2015

Assist feeding hatchlings

A quick video to show how we assist feed those babies that are reluctant to get started. For fun, count how many times I say ‘prey item’….

Posted May 5th, 2015

Breeder Tip: Maintaining humidity

We’ve had tremendous success keeping our humidity high (in the 80% range)…in light of the standard advice to keep humidity around 60%. To boost our humidity we discovered coconut husk chips…and went through the lengthy process of finding the HIGHEST… [read more]

Posted November 16th, 2014

Video: Update on latest hatchlings

Just a quick video on some of the latest clutches hatching out here. Watch in HD!!  

Posted November 3rd, 2014

Video: November San Antonio Reptile Expo

After standing 16 hours, several plates of mediocre food court Chinese and one late-night toga party, we left another great show in the books! Thanks to everyone who came out; we look forward to seeing you in Houston Dec 6-7…. [read more]

Posted October 23rd, 2014

Video: Pastel Ball Python vs. Pastel Disco Ball Python

We often get asked about the markers on Disco Ball Pythons, and how you can tell the difference in Disco and Normal Ball Pythons. We shot a quick video of the difference in a Pastel and a Pastel Disco Ball… [read more]

Posted October 3rd, 2014

On the Ball Pythons Customer Appreciation Sale

****(offer ends midnight 5 October)**** These are SHIPPED prices! Purchase a group and save even more! 2014 Males Normals $50 Enchi $100 Mojave $100 Albino $200 Pastel Mojave $125 Disco $350 Pastel Coral Glow $600 Yellowbelly Coral Glow $800 Poss… [read more]

Posted December 28th, 2013

Moving the herd

Nothing get your heart rate up quite like moving 300 reptiles and a few thousand rodents in freezing temperatures! For those who’ve wondered, we haven’t fallen off the face of the earth; we’ve just spent the last month and a… [read more]

Posted November 6th, 2013

It’s always a good day when…

…Freedom Breeders arrive! We’re going through an expansion here and just got these in. Big thanks to Jeff at FB for getting these to us when we couldn’t make the Tinley show! If you haven’t seen these racks in person,… [read more]

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