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Unpacking your Ball Python

Unpacking Your Ball Python

Prior to receiving your ball python, you should have an appropriate tub or terrarium set up. Ensure that your temperatures and humidity are stable and that your new ball python has a secure place to hide.

Your new ball python is being shipped from San Antonio, Texas, likely going through a FedEx Regional Hub, and then to you. This journey may be stressful to your ball python, so¬† it is important to let the animal ‘settle in’. While it is uber difficult to leave your new ball python alone for the first few days, this down period is very important to get the animals feeding…and moreover thriving, in your care. Your new ball python just went through a stressful period while being shipped; he needs time to recuperate and settle in to his new enclosure. Give it three or four days before handling your animals (besides doing any initial inspecting or sexing).

Your ball python may also be dehydrated from the shipping process. I like to include a large water bowl for any new arrivals. Sometimes I will even include a humid hide (a small hide box with moist paper towels) in the enclosure if the snake is in shed or looks visibly dehydrated.

Lastly, it is important to wait 5 or 6 days before attempting to feed your ball python. I have a lot of luck introducing a slightly smaller than normal prey item to the snake at dawn. Once introduced, I leave the prey in the enclosure over night and don’t check on it until morning. This method has worked particularly well to get new arrivals feeding and thriving here in San Antonio.

If you have any questions, be sure to let me know!


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