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On The Ball Pythons-San Antonio, Texas

coral-glow-croppedSo As The Story Goes…

Like many enthusiasts, I was fascinated with animals (and reptiles in particular) at an early age. My first vivid memory as a child was of an Eastern Hognose snake that my father caught in our yard in Florida. Soon thereafter, I was catching reptiles and amphibians of all sorts (though my family had a strict ‘catch and release rule’). Being a military brat though, I soon found myself chasing herps in various countries throughout Europe and the Americas. These experiences fueled my passion for all things reptilian and gave me an appreciation for the unique husbandry requirements of some of the most obscure species of reptiles in the world.

After all of that moving around, my family finally settled down in San Antonio, Texas, where I now call home. During a collegiate weekend camping trip in Central Texas, my dorm mate and I stumbled upon (and eventually caught) a gigantic bull snake. We were so impressed with her power and beauty, that we smuggled her back into the dorm where she resided until we could finally afford to move off campus. Like most struggling college kids, we were strapped for beer money…that was until we learned that we could make money by breeding these snakes that we loved. Once we discovered that there was a whole online marketplace for these reptiles it was all downhill. We quickly set about to obtaining and breeding multiple species of snakes; we actually did fairly well those first years breeding and selling our reptile hatchlings!

Super Stripe Ball PythonSoon after our success though I was commissioned as an officer in the US Army, and had to part with the collection that we had amassed. I quickly found myself in Fort Benning, Georgia, where I spent the weekends chasing Corn Snakes and Timber Rattlesnakes. I was in heaven during swamp training in Florida, as I saw three to four reptile species a day in situ. The highlight for me though was stealthily rowing past an American Alligator in an inflatable Zodiac Milpro watercraft.

Months later, America was at war, and I again found myself chasing animals in some of the most random and austere places on earth. While loving my work abroad, I missed my family, and missed my hobby of keeping and breeding reptiles. After a few close calls, I decided that life was too short not to do what I loved, so I decided to pursue my passion full time, move back to Texas, and establish On the Ball Pythons.

Settling in San Antonio, Texas, On the Ball Pythons has come a long way since it’s early years. We now sell cutting edge Ball python Morphs in Texas and nationwide. Check out how our San Antonio Ball Python morph breeding facility for an insight into our operation.

Thank you for your interest in our site! Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have.




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